Seattle's indie rock sextet, Motopony, are celebrating the release of their latest EP, 'Idle Beauty.' Today, they have teamed up with Diffuser to debut the official lyric video for the EP's opening track, 'Get Down (Come Up).' Check it out in the video above.

Kaleidoscopic images are strewn throughout the video, but the imagery's beauty is only matched by the song's ethereal vocals and musical arrangements. Watching the video, reading the lyrics and listening to the music, it's quickly apparent that 'Get Down (Come Up)' is more than just a song, it's an experience.

"Even though this is the first time we've released a finished version, 'Get Down (Come Up)' was actually written almost four years ago when I had just formed the group," frontman Daniel Blue tells Diffuser. "First world, white bread, middle-class art dorks don't really get a lot of bitching rights, but it felt like those were hard times for us and around us."

The song, as Blue puts it, is a "simple vibration. It's all waves, baby. They come up and they gotta get down again. If you're not shaking like that through space, you're just a dead potential, like an unplucked string."

Opening up even more about the band in general, Blue remarks about the time in which he wrote 'Get Down (Come Up),' which was also the same time Motopony released their first record:

I think the post-Bush 'recession' was starting to sting the bohemian way of life. Almost every 'working artist' I knew was starving their way toward inevitable day jobs and the outlying galleries, bars and coffee hangs that support that kind of community folded in the wake of the housing market collapse. My parents lost their house and my dad, who had no retirement, was laid off. Most of the people I went to high school with were losing jobs and mortgages and selling off the excesses I was never afforded in pursuit of my art. In comparison to the world's problems, our evaporating American Dreams weren't exactly life and death, but watching our culture be washed from the coast by the very developers and banks who cheated my parents out of 25 years of timely home loan payments was shaking. It was a strange time to release a record.

Through these hard times, Blue was inspired to write about perseverance. "In a funny way, I lived so far south of the city, we would say come up to Seattle to get down at practice," he explains. "But as the song developed, I felt a huge desire to encourage the people around me to grieve and feel the loss of our dreams and culture."

In an ironic twist in the story of the song, the current lineup of Motopony is completely different today than it was when Blue wrote 'Get Down (Come Up).' "After writing the song, we were signed and began to tour and met our success with appreciation," he recalls. "But my vibration is extreme and the label folded and the band broke up and I got down again. The past two years have been some of the hardest for me as an artist, but here I am, writing this on the brink of an international tour, having just released an EP wit ha full album coming soon."

Blue wraps up our chat with a quote from the one and only, Bob Ross: "Gotta have opposites, light and dark and dark and light, in painting. It's like in life. Gotta have a little sadness once in awhile so you know when the good times come."

Motopony's latest EP, 'Idle Beauty,' is available now. Get details on the release, and the act's full tour itinerary, at their official website here.