If all the great music being performed at this year's Mountain Jam somehow wasn't enough to keep the thousands in attendance entertained all weekend, the proprietors of the festival's annual "Karma Wash" offer an amusing diversion that also just might cleanse your soul.

"It's a crowd enhancement performance art installation," declares the colorfully-attired Jon Walters, who's apparently been doing this for about a dozen years. "[It's] a way to just kind of break the ice between the crowd and each other and create some laughter and humor and light and celebrate life."

A jaded cynic might look at the Karma Wash and see nothing more than some 2x4s, but Walters insists his enterprise has a spiritual value. "Sometimes you're going down the road of life and you hit a few bugs and they smack themselves across your windshield and really obscure your view." Judging from the video above, a whole lot of Mountain Jam attendees seem to be enjoying their new, clearer views on life.

Our lovely video crew also took to the festival grounds to check out the fashion trends on display at this year's Mountain Jam, and you can watch as the styles are paraded and modeled in the video below: