At this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami, Native Instruments showcased a new multitrack audio format called Stems that just might revolutionize DJing.

This new format allows the DJ to create on-the-fly and is capable of splitting a track into four different parts, or "stems." This means that the mixer can alter individual sections of a given track -- drums, bass, vocals -- in whatever manner strikes them. DJs could therefore incorporate parts of a track in their sets to create on-the-spot remixes. As you might imagine, this would open the floodgates for DJs to create entirely different sets every single night.

The Stems software uses the MP4 format allowing for conventional playback while also giving the option to split the track into individual sections. The hope is that this open file format will benefit the entire music industry.

If you're excited to get your hands on more information regarding Stems, just hang tight! According to a press release:

To play with Stems’ individual parts, Stem-supported software and hardware will be required. Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR software will be the first to offer Stem support this summer – opening the gates for further integration.

In the coming months, select artists, labels, production companies and Native Instruments will begin supporting the format step by step. A website containing all technical specifications, source code, tutorials, and downloads will launch Stems this coming June.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the WMC. This electronic music conference attracts music enthusiasts, artists, DJs and industry delegates from over 70 countries for five days and features 400 events, parties, seminars and workshops.