If you're excited about the next Arctic Monkeys album and eager for some clues as to what it might sound like, drummer Matt Helders has some advice for you: Listen to the band's latest single, 'R U Mine?'

Helder talked about the creative process behind the new Monkeys record during a recent interview, affirming their satisfaction with the single and its B-side, 'Evil Twin.' "The way 'R U Mine?' has gone we are more into doing songs like that for now," he explained. "We are kind of into the idea of doing a record that is like 'Evil Twin' and 'R U Mine?'"

Helder cautioned, however, that the album is far from fully formed. Discussing the band's plans to release a new track, titled 'Electricity,' later this month, he said, "It’s really the only thing we’ve got that nobody has heard yet that is already recorded."

In the meantime, the Arctic Monkeys are busy on the road with the Black Keys, enjoying the freedom of being an opening act for the first time in their career. "We've been looking for a tour like this since we started because we’ve never done a support tour, not in England, not anywhere," explained Helder. "We were trying to think what the right band would be, and we had some good offers that didn’t work out timing wise from other bands. For this (tour) we thought it would be stupid to turn down. It’s a massive tour, and I think we’ve done as much as we could on our own without doing something like this."