Indie punk act Parquet Courts, under the alias Parkay Quarts, have shared a brand new music video for their song 'Pretty Machines' off of their 'Content Nausea' record. The video, which was directed by band member Austin Brown with East Link's Johann Rashid, depicts Brown wearing electrical tape in place of a mustache as he just kind of wanders about. You can check it out for yourself below.

Essentially, Parkay Quarts are the two frontmen and masterminds behind Parquet Courts, Brown and Andrew Savage. The reasoning behind the project was not only to provide the songwriters with a different creative identity, but to be able to collaborate with artists like Jef Brown of Jackie-O Motherf--ker and Eaters' Bob Jones, as well as some efforts with PC Worship. The music is about as different as the alias is to the band's original name, considering we're looking at the same songwriters for both.

Parkay Quarts Official Music Video for 'Pretty Machines'