To say Pete Francis’ musical resume is impressive would be a severe understatement.

As one-third of legendary indie-folk-rock-jam-band Dispatch, Francis has been a part of selling out Madison Square Garden on multiple occasions and putting on the largest independent music event in history, a farewell concert for the band in 2004; Francis and his partners have inspired an innumerable amount of fans with their captivating discography and extraordinary live shows.

After years of creating music with Dispatch, Francis has found himself in a new period of invigorated creativity, and Diffuser is proud to partner with him today (June 22) to premiere his latest solo offering, Dragon Crest Collective Vol. 1 -- a hip-hop influenced rock album -- a day before it hits the streets; you can stream it in its entirety in the audio player below.

"Dragon Crest Collective Vol. 1 is a mighty stew of tasty music," Francis tells us. "This record was made in Dragon Crest Studio as well as Bongo Beach Productions in Fall River, Mass., and many of the compositions started out as jams that got whittled down into songs."

He excitedly adds, "This is truly a collective of musicians, rappers, artists and shredders. Play it loud at your next party!"

Dragon Crest Collective Vol. 1 hits the streets tomorrow, June 23. You can pre-order the album here, and make sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the world of Pete Francis at his official website.