"My girl just wants to trick around," Quiet Life's frontman Sean Spellman sings of an intense crush. She's out there in the chilly Portland air, taking in the night with some other beau. It's a sentiment we've all felt at least once. A fleeting romance takes an unexpected turn, and suddenly, that person that was WAY out of our league to begin with is gone.

Quiet Life amped up their usual roots-oriented engine with a couple of fast garage-rock licks for their new single 'Devil's Kin.' Instead of dwelling on the anguish of lust, the band took a nosedive into misery with this straightforward jam.

"'Devil's Kin' was one of the many tunes I wrote about a particular girl while I was living in a friend's basement during a typically dreary Portland winter," Spellman tells Diffuser.fm.

"When I brought it into the studio for the rest of the guys we decided it needed to sound more like Elvis Costello or Buddy Holly, so we took the folk song I had written and played it like we were the house band at a high school dance," he adds. "The lyrics are about getting ditched, the guitar riffs are about getting over it."

Learn to play guitar, kids. It helps with the pain. Quiet Life's next album, 'Wild Pack,' hits record stores Oct. 29 via Mama Birds Recording Co.

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