Let's say Ram Jam's 'Black Betty' and Foghat's 'Slow Ride' had an illegitimate child in late '70s, and that this hellspawn grew up a rock 'n' roller itself. With a chip on his shoulder and a burrito in his pocket, the young boy might turn into a swan called Rainbow Jackson.

The Echo Park outfit -- winners of Diffuser's April Crucial Cut of the Month contest -- has a new EP called 'Perpetual Summer' coming out in the fall, and to give you a little taste of that musical bastard's bitchin' brew, we're offering their single 'Psycho Betty' as a free download.

"The song 'Psycho Betty' is about anything that goes from something seemingly good or innocent to something twisted and evil in a swift change of events," frontman Chad Carlisle tells Diffuser.fm. "It sounds like it's about a girl, but it's actually about a guitar."

"For the video concept, we worked with our friends Cousin Video to make something a bit campy and weird without straying too far from the main idea of the song," he adds.

So what are you waiting for?! Get downloading, dummy.

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