At 12 years old, Luke Ratborne — simply known by the stage name, Rathborne — picked up a guitar inherited from one of the many travelers who made their way through his childhood home in Maine. At 16, the singer-songwriter self-recorded his first album, ‘After Dark,’ and followed it with an EP titled ‘I Can Be One/Dog Years’ when he was 18. Now, Rathborne is prepping to for the Sept. 10 release of his next album, ‘SOFT.’

The NYC transplant has understandably matured since his previous records, and it shows on ‘SOFT.’ As a result, Rathborne is on many people’s radars, and if he isn’t on yours already, today’s free MP3, ‘Last Forgiven’ will quickly change that. It’s a sunny and jangly tune, but listeners will be quick to recognize the complexity in Rathborne’s workmanship.

“I wrote ‘Last Forgiven’ from the perspective of someone breaking free of something after a long time of suffering, finding some sort of movement and reason for going ahead,” Rathborne told “It’s supposed to be the kind of song that speaks to the feeling of breaking from the chains of something, like that line, ‘find that deeper motive.’”

“The rest is made up of surreal images that have to do with changing,” he added. “I think it’s important to change, that change is one of the most freeing things we can do as people.”

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