Rhodes is no stranger to tugging at his fans' heartstrings, and with his new music video for "Close Your Eyes," he takes it to a new level.

Set in a packed club where the English singer-songwriter is scheduled to play, "Close Your Eyes" initially looks like just another performance video. However, as the visual continues, it becomes less about Rhodes and more about the people in the audience, namely three groups of people. In the first vignette, one of the characters is putting everything in her prayers to make sure her loved one will get out of what looks like a coma.

Then there is a couple. While the husband is attentively listening, his wife looks at him, full of thought. We soon see that her husband has come out and been dressing like a woman. And while she looks hurt by it all, there is a scene where the two embrace, showing that she will support her husband no matter what.

The final story focuses on two friends. One catches the other sleeping with her boyfriend, and though they may be at the club together that night, it's pretty obvious that their friendship is on the rocks.

"Close Your Eyes" is Rhodes' latest single off his upcoming album, Wishes, which is set for release on Sept. 4 via Rhodes Music / Ministry of Sound Records. Meanwhile, you can pre-order your copy of "Close Your Eyes" via iTunes.