We’re still spinning Ryan Adams’ latest self-titled record, and loving every second of it. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead to the future, right?

Recently, Adams tweeted a photo that has us thinking: Is he already working on new material?

That’s a picture of Mike Viola of Adams’ backing band, the Shining, rocking out on their tour bus. As the tweet says, “New songs. Mike laying down electric 12 string part. Night off so we play anyway of course,” so obviously our interests are piqued.

The singer-songwriter has always been prolific, having released 13 LPs between 2000-2011 -- and that doesn’t take into account the number of unreleased albums he’s worked on, like ‘Blackhole’ and ‘Commercial Suicide Handbook.’ It’s not crazy to think he’s already got plans for his next record.

And if you were ever curious what Viola's tour bus bunk looks like, here you go:

Adams is currently touring North America with the Shining in support his new LP through the end of November. Get his full itinerary here.