First rap superstar Lil Wayne taught the world 'How to Love' when he dropped the track as the third single from his most recent album, last year's 'Tha Carter IV,' and now School of Seven Bells are trying their hand at spreading the 'Love.' They've released a cover of the tune, and you can check it out now streaming below.

The New York-based shoegaze duo, which released its third album 'Ghostory' in February, turn in a surprisingly faithful version of 'Love.'  Wayne's original is a stripped-down, slow-drip cut largely based around acoustic guitars and drums, while Bells keep the same tempo and vibe -- they even manage the familiar cadence of Wayne's vocal delivery -- but fill out the instrumentation with some extra bass and atmospheric synths.

It definitely sounds like the School of Seven Bells we all know and love, but Wayne's influence is hard to miss. We're not sure if Benjamin Curtis and Alejandra Deheza have been "getting slow like a turtle" with some Purple Drank -- Wayne's mind-altering, syrup-infused drink of choice -- but some of his own brilliance has definitely bumped elbows with theirs, producing one of the weirder and more memorable covers in recent history. Take a sip of 'Love' below!

Listen to School of Seven Bells Cover Lil Wayne's 'How to Love'