French singer and multi-instrumentalist Soko recently took to the bustling streets of New York City to ask strangers one very important question: How was their last kiss? The cute clip was filmed for Nylon TV as a segment for Valentine's Day -- which is tomorrow (Feb. 14) if you forgot. You can watch the video below.

Not everyone was receptive to Soko's question, some rudely walking away in a typical NYC commuter fashion, but some of the answers are cute and funny. Soko's adorable French accent doesn't hurt either.

Soko will release her second full-length LPMy Dreams Dictate My Reality, this coming spring, and so far, its punky vibe is proving to be very different from her 2012 debut, I Thought I Was an Alien. You can also check out her latest video for the album's track "Ocean of Tears" here. The new album, which is due out on March 3 via her own Babycat Records, will feature two collaborations with Ariel Pink on the songs "Monster Love" and "Lovetrap." With song titles like that, and now this cutesy video, we can only assume that Soko is feeling the love this Valentine's Day: