If we had to pick one band or artist as the most difficult to pin down, we'd definitely have to consider Swans. Their sound has been evolving steadily with each album since they started making music many years ago.

This trend of musical adaptation seems likely to continue with the band's newest album, 'To Be Kind,' which will come out May 12. We were treated to an early release of one track, 'A Little God In My Hands,' a few weeks ago.

And today another track from the upcoming album has been unleashed, and 'Oxygen' sounds like band leader Michael Gira has been reminiscing about Swans' early, grittier days. While this song isn't a full return to the visceral, ragged sound of 'Filth,' it does head in that direction.

The guitar stabs into your ears relentlessly while Gira wails happily. Drums serve as firm hands on your back, pushing you along toward -- well, it's hard to say what you're being pushed toward. But they seem to think it's a good idea, so just go with it.