Known for throwing unforgettable DIY shows that always seem to culminate in sweaty and energetic dance parties, SWIMM are bringing their vast and immense talents together on their upcoming EP, set to hit the streets later this year.

Today (June 18), Diffuser is thrilled to team up with the duo to premiere the official music video for the new EP's lead track, "Beverly Hells" -- check it out above.

“It gets a tad exhausting trying to create the perfect brand thing; that is obviously a huge part of being in a band, so I thought it might be nice to have our beloved beefcake, Miles, be the ‘face of SWIMM’ and simultaneously be the physical embodiment of the looming antagonist of 'Beverly Hells,'” Chris Hess, one-half of SWIMM, tells us. “Of course, [that antagonist] is Hollywood. Ironically, Miles is one of the most refreshingly positive humans we’ve met since we moved to L.A. last year.”

You can purchase "Beverly Hells" here, and make sure to keep your eyes on SWIMM's official website to stay current with everything happening in their world; we can't wait to get our hands on their new EP later this summer!