Garbage, ‘Big Bright World’ – New Video
From the dour days of 'Only Happy When It Rains' to the upbeat vibe of 'Big Bright World,' something major has changed in the Garbage head space between their self-titled 1995 debut album and this year's 'Not Your Kind of People.'
Garbage’s Shirley Manson the Target of Twitter Stalker
While reviews have been mixed for Garbage's latest album, 'Not Your Kind of People,' one deranged fan has taken things a little too far in expressing his displeasure. Unfortunately for Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson, most of the hate is directed at her.
Garbage, ‘Not Your Kind of People’ – Album Review
Remember that episode of 'South Park' where Stan and Kyle find a guy frozen in a cave?  Remember how he after he thaws out he's dumbfounded by 2003, so the boys house him in a 1996 habitat to preserve his sanity? From the sounds of 'Not Your Kind of People,' Shirley Manson and her Garbage gang must …
Garbage Possibly Releasing EP Later This Year
Garbage are ready to drop their new album 'Not Your Kind of People' next month, seven years after their previous studio record 'Bleed Like Me.' The band seems to be making up for lost time as they may release more material as 2012 progresses.
Record Store Day: Garbage Back for ‘Blood’
If you're anything like us, much of the '90s was spent listening to Shirley Manson shout out why she was only happy when it rains. Now back with their first album in seven years, 'Not Your Kind of People,' Garbage are still making edgy, angry, sexy music, and for&n…
Butch Vig Reflects on New Garbage Album, His Influence on Grunge
Butch Vig has been a staple in the rock scene for decades, yet many do not know his name. The highly-sought producer and drummer for Garbage has always flown just below the radar with casual alt-rock listeners. Vig seems to be content with that as Garbage are ready to drop their first studio album i…
Garbage Talk ‘Not Your Kind of People’
As you probably recall, Garbage hosted an online chat yesterday (April 4) before premiering the video for its new single, 'Blood for Poppies' -- but if you weren't able to make the chat, not to worry: the highlights have been boiled down for us here.

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