Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker is no stranger to inner journeys. The voyage gets scenic with 'Apocalypse Dreams,' a psychedelic first taste of the band's sophomore record, 'Lonerism.'

The song expands on the sound the Perth band built in their equally trippy and acclaimed debut 'Innerspeaker': Parker's sauntering guitar work and equally meandering lyrics, oodles of fuzz and drums that sound like they're straight from 1979. But this is much more than a rehash, what with the burst of spinning synths halfway through the track's six languid minutes and the crisp -- but not too crisp -- production by Flaming Lips and MGMT mix master Dave Fridmann.

As per the band's tradition, the album was first written and recorded at home by Parker, which, you might guess, gives insight to the album's title. 'Lonerism' is due out on Oct. 9 in the U.S. and Oct. 8 in the U.K., with the first official single from the album, 'Elephant,' dropping in later this month.

In the meantime, enjoy these dreams. If this is what the apocalypse will be like, we're in for a trip.


Listen to Tame Impala, 'Apocalypse Dreams'