Country music princess Taylor Swift branched out into pop music long ago, and on her forthcoming 'Red,' she's reaching out to some new genres for inspiration. Rolling Stone reports that the album features songs inspired by dubstep artists and rock bands like U2.

RS describes the track 'State of Grace' as "a howling, U2-style epic with reverb-drenched guitar," while another track lights up the dance floor with a dubstep breakdown. Swift now joins Muse and Kanye West on the list of established artists who have drawn inspiration from the success of Skrillex and other electronic dance acts.

'Red' hits stores in October. Swift told the magazine the album chronicles her romantic ups and downs over the past two years. "I went through a few roller coasters," she revealed. "Trying to chronicle each step of the way was challenging, because you go to some really dark places with the lyrics. Then in the next track, you're talking about how amazing it is to meet somebody new."

'Red' also includes a duet with singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Swift is a huge fan of the redheaded Brit, as she explained in a recent web chat, when she said, "I heard from someone that he wanted to work with me, and we ended up getting together and writing together -- and we wrote a song while sitting on a trampoline that was so much fun and we loved so much that we actually ended up recording it as a duet.”