Following Chapter 1: The Ruins and Chapter 2: Ritual Dream, innovative electronic musician the Adversary is gearing up for his latest project, the appropriately titled Chapter 3: Falling is Flight.

Collaborating with Bill Laswell, Chapter 3 continues to separate the Adversary from today's growing pack of electronic artists. Diffuser is thrilled to partner with him to share a sneak peak of Chapter 3 -- check it out in the video above.

“The music combines darker, dreamy dance music with more vocal-led song structures,” the Adversary tells us about the upcoming release. “Our goal is to integrate the energy and movement of dance music with the emotion and connection of human interaction and song.”

Showing progression from his first two releases, Chapter 3 was greatly informed by the Adversary’s experiences “in the underground dance music world, of tech house and Burning Man.” He tells us that Burning Man and dance music have always been an influence, “but Chapter 3 has found a new combination of deeper house music and crafted song structure than anything we’ve done before.”

That innovation is thanks, in part, to the collaboration with Laswell. The Adversary quickly refers to him as a legend, and humbly admits, “Just getting to experience how he approaches music has been an inspiration, in addition to the technical expertise he provides -- whether in terms of how best to craft a melody or the science of capturing an ideal vocal experience."

Chapter 3: Falling is Flight will hit the streets in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for more details, and make sure to check out the Adversary's official website for all the latest news in his world.