Australian indie rockers the Temper Trap have released a brief video in which they discuss the creation of 'Trembling Hands,' a track from their self-titled sophomore album, which hits stories next week in their home country and in June in the U.S.

In the clip, posted at Spin, guitarist Joseph Greer explains, "When we were touring, I had this guitar riff that, when I was practicing guitar before a show, I just played. Brought it into the rehearsal studio and was jamming it for a while. Nothing was really happening until Lorenzo [Sillitto] started playing on it with some keys. That was the first moment where it felt like there was something there, you know?"

The clip shows a portion of the track, which features a soaring, Coldplay-esque refrain paired with despondent lyrics. "Now here I am / I'm a drop in your ocean," frontman Dougy Mandagi laments. "Throw me a line / I'm on my own / I'm on my own."

Mandagi acknowledges 'Trembling Hands' resembles the work of Chris Martin's group. "I always thought it had a Coldplay tinge to it,'' he admits. "Coldplay/Snow Patrol. Which is not a bad thing. People always talk about Coldplay like they were the first to come out with emotion in music and before that musicians were just walking around cold."

Does 'Trembling Hands' sounds too much like Britpop, or is it a worthy successor to the Temper Trap's biggest hit to date, 'Sweet Disposition?' Check out a behind-the-scenes preview of the track below.

Watch the Temper Trap Preview 'Trembling Hands'