The xx's Oliver Sim has gone on the record to reassure his fans -- and especially his own mother -- that he's fine and perfectly happy, despite all the gloomy lyrics that found their way on to the band's forthcoming sophomore album, 'Coexist.'

"My mum reads the lyrics and asks if she should be worried," Sim tells Q magazine, going on to explain that he simply happens to prefer songs that are downers. "Please, no one worry about me, I'm happy! I just connect with the sadder songs, my favorite songs are devastating."

One thing that Sim will admit gets him down, however, is how frequently the xx's music turns up in situations that have nothing to do with its intended meaning. "'Intro' ended up on cookery shows and the election," he says, referring to the lead track off the band's self-titled 2009 debut album. "It was a bit much!"

The xx have previewed songs from 'Coexist' in a variety of different ways, first debuting two as-yet-untitled tunes during an intimate club show in their hometown of London last spring, then issuing first single 'Angels' in July. Earlier this month, they posted a stripped-down live version of 'Angels' on YouTube. All of this has been done ahead of 'Coexist,' which drops Sept. 11.