Remember when dressing like a British mod was cool? Neither do we, since that was, like, a million years ago. But when Kings of Leon first hit the mainstream scene with 'Youth and Young Manhood' back in 2003, they didn't know any better than to raid their mother's scarf and sunglasses collection before performing in front of people. If you doubt us, just check out this week's Throwback Thursday video of Kings of Leon playing 'Red Morning Light' above.

And what can be said of singer Caleb Followill's hair? It hearkens back to a more exciting time, when guitar rock was revolutionary and singers in rock bands were strange and mysterious -- and probably extraordinarily high. The Followill clan seemed to live the rock dream in reverse, coming out of the gate as "true arteests" with a fashion sense to match. Just watch this video of them playing 'Molly's Chambers' on 'Letterman':

It was only after the band's superstar status in the music world was cemented did the family crew start to dress like regular civilians. Now Caleb's hair is neat and trim. And while the drummer, Caleb's brother Nathan, still has long hair, at least it looks like he stopped styling it.