In the years since their 2009 formation, Two Inch Astronaut have churned out a string of EPs and perfected their post-punk sound, and now the Maryland-based trio is ready to release their debut full-length, ‘Bad Brother.’

Today, we're offering ‘Swol,’ a track from ‘Brother’ as a free download. It’s a well-crafted tune that offsets quiet moments of restraint with larger-than-life guitars and drums and singer-guitarist Sam Rosenberg’s wailing vocals.

“‘Swol’ was one of the last songs we wrote for the album,” Rosenberg tells “The word ‘swol’ was a slang term popular in my high school. If one was ‘‘bout to get swol,’ one was going to exercise a lot and increase their muscle mass.

“Lyrically, though, it’s more about trying to ignore or, at least, live with something that is blatantly wrong and possibly swelling or getting worse,” he explains. “It was one of the songs I brought to practice with little to no idea of what the rhythm or pulse would be, but [we] just instantly had this big swaggering almost hip-hop type feel for it, and it became a quick favorite of ours to play.”

‘Bad Brother’ will come out on June 18 via Exploding in Sound Records.

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