It won't take long for U2 to hit the road in support of 'Songs of Innocence' -- but we're guessing tickets won't magically appear on your computer.

As NME reports, Bono spoke with the U.K.'s Absolute Radio and said, “We’re going to be touring. We’re going to start next year. We’re going to try and play [London’s] O2 and places like that, more indoors than outdoors this time.”

And the Edge confirmed the tour plans in a recent Rolling Stone interview: “I think we will start small. We certainly can’t get any bigger than the last tour.”

That "last tour," the '360' tour, was a massive two-year worldwide trek that generated $736 million in ticket sales -- more than 7.2 million tickets were sold.

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This announcement comes after the band pushed their latest full-length, ‘Songs of Innocence,’ out to hundreds of millions of iTunes accounts at no cost to the users.

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