Update: Under the Radar reports that 'Lemon Sounds' is not, in fact, the title of the forthcoming Vampire Weekend album, and that we've all been duped by Internet tricksters.

Two ironically sweet words for Vampire Weekend fans: 'Lemon Sounds.' That's the name of the band's third album, due out May 6 on XL, Under the Radar reports. Word of the release date came yesterday, and in addition to the title and artwork (see left), we've also got the tracklist, which is below.

The forthcoming record follows 2010's 'Contra,' and it features at least one tune fans have heard before. As avid Weekenders -- or whatever VW diehards are called -- will recall, the nattily dressed NYC crew debuted 'Unbelievers' on 'Jimmy Kimmel' last year, and it's possible that another of the disc's 10 tracks is a differently named version of 'Arms,' which the group served up during a recent Australian gig (listen below).

All will be revealed in May, but for now, bust out those Wayfarers and boat shoes and think warm thoughts. Spring is approaching, and with it comes some fresh Vampire jams.

'Lemon Sounds' Tracklist:
1. Flutter
2. Obvious Bicycle
3. Southh First
4. Day In
5. Unbelievers
6. Diane Young
7. Wild Thyme
8. Coastal
9. Break of Day
10. Trotting