Brooklyn's World/Inferno Friendship Society are a self-proclaimed "tight knit gang of punk rockers of a certain age with a wide range of very specific skill sets." So, in other words, they're a cast of characters. If you have any doubts about just how incomparable this act is, wait until you hear the opening track from their latest album, 'This Packed Funeral,' 'Dolce Far Niente.' Stream the new song in the player below.

"The album is based on a friend of our's wake," frontman and founding member Jack Terricloth tells us. "She died about a year ago. Her name was Grace Talicious and she sang in the Lower East Side hardcore band, the Paranoid Style, back in the '80s. They were kind of popular for a minute."

Not letting himself get too distracted, Terricloth continues, "The album is based on conversations I overheard at the funeral between people who maybe hadn't seen each other for 30 years but they were all about Grace. 'Dolce Far Niente' is someone recounting how Grace reacted when some of her friends tried to stage an intervention on her. I wasn't at the intervention, so it's all third-hand."

'Dolce Far Niente' is a unique ride to say the least, but it fits into the overall theme of the record as it is the listeners' introduction to the character the rest of the songs are about.

Opening up about the band's sound, Terricloth says, "We knew we wanted to make punk a treat again. Keep the idealism, lose the hard rock tough guy posing. Speed and swing, message and dancing, style and substance, not four dudes standing in front of a brick wall."

That style and substance are all over 'This Packed Funeral,' an album that, as Terricloth puts it, was "stressful but easy as pie, casual but intense, fun but a lot of work."

'This Packed Funeral' will hit store shelves on Nov. 11 via Alternative Tentacles Records. Get details on the release here.