Band of Horses are in between albums at the moment, but the group known for its beautiful indie rock compositions makes an appearance in the film trailer for 'Your Sister's Sister,' an upcoming romantic comedy about a guy who falls for his female best friend's sister.

The trailer begins with a scene in which the character played by Mark Duplass is faced with an intervention for his depression and sent by his friend Iris to a house on a remote island with no TV or internet to relax and enjoy life.

When he arrives at the cabin, he finds his friend Iris's sister Hannah, who has just ended a seven-year relationship. Sparks fly, and the two fall for each other -- until Iris shows up, leading to some awkwardness between the siblings.

As the drama unfolds, viewers hear the Band of Horses track 'On My Way Back Home,' a folky pop ballad from the group's 2010 album 'Infinite Arms' that seems to represent the central character's journey to find his true place in life.

Band of Horses are currently recording their latest effort with producer Glyn Johns (Rolling Stones, the Eagles) and will spend the month of August touring with My Morning Jacket. The group debuted a new song called 'Long Vows' last month.

Hear Band of Horses' 'On My Way Back Home' in the 'Your Sister's Sister' Trailer