Hailing from San Pedro, Calif., alt rockers 20 Eyes have had quite the productive year, releasing two brand-new tracks and gearing up for a New Year’s Eve show at the San Pedro City Ballet. Today (Dec. 3), Diffuser is excited to debut the music video for their latest song, ‘Other Lover’ -- you can check it out above.

‘Other Lover’ is instantly catchy, and fortunately for fans, the video is equally hypnotic, thanks in part to the dancers featured throughout. Singer Wolf Bradley explains, "Growing up as a dancer my whole life, I have a deep appreciation for movement.”

He goes on about the connection between the dancing and the music found in ‘Other Lover’: “They are made for each other. The choreography, by Cindy Bradley, is very off-beat. It's very sharp and tantalizing. The song is about being in love. Not about being in love with the person so much as the situation. It's new and it's exciting, but it's also dangerous and, at times, cold. That's what this video encompasses."

If you like what you hear -- and we're fairly certain you will -- make sure to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the world of 20 Eyes via their official website.

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