If it seemed like Linkin Park were all over modern-rock radio in 2003, there's a good reason for that: They were. The Los Angeles band had three No. 1 alt-rock hits that year, including 'Numb,' which spent a whopping 12 weeks at the top spot. Relive their glories, as well as some other artists', in our list of the Top 10 Alt-Rock Videos From 2003.

  • Linkin Park, 'Numb'

    Linkin Park's second album, 2003's 'Meteora,' spawned five hit singles. All of them reached No. 1, including this one, the third, which stayed on top for 12 weeks. Two more No. 1s from the album were released the following year.

  • Staind, 'So Far Away'

    This ballad from the much-maligned Staind reached No. 1 in the middle of the year and stayed there for seven weeks. Modern rock sounded a lot like mainstream rock radio in 2003. 'So Far Away' doubled its time on the rock chart, spending 14 weeks at the top.

  • Link Park, 'Faint'

    Another Linkin Park single from 'Meteora,' another No.1 modern-rock hit. 'Faint,' one of the album's tougher tracks, spent six weeks at the top of the chart in the middle part of 2003. It was the second track released from the hit album.

  • Linkin Park, 'Somewhere I Belong'

    Tired of Linkin Park yet? Well, if you were around in 2003, apparently you couldn't get enough of them. The first single from their second album 'Meteora' was also the first to reach No. 1, where it spent five weeks around the time the LP came out.

  • Trapt, 'Headstrong'

    Yeah, we were never too crazy about this one either. But somebody at modern-rock radio loved this California hard-rock band in 2003. They placed two songs at No. 1 that year, including 'Headstrong,' which stayed there for five weeks.

  • Queens of the Stone Age, 'No One Knows'

    Queens of the Stone Age's only No. 1 modern-rock hit comes from their great second album, 2002's 'Songs for the Deaf.' The single was actually released late that year but didn't reach the top until February 2003. And yes, that's Dave Grohl pounding the drums.

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'Can't Stop'

    We prefer 1999's 'Californication' to its 2002 followup, 'By the Way,' but there's no denying the classic Chili Peppers crunch of 'Can't Stop,' the album's third single that was released at the tail end of the year and peaked at No. 1 early in 2003.

  • Evanescence, 'Bring Me to Life'

    The debut single from the Arkansas group that's gone through a ton of lineup changes over the past decade remains their best song. It was featured in the Ben Affleck movie 'Daredevil,' but don't hold that against it. Amy Lee rocks it pretty hard.

  • Audioslave, 'Like a Stone'

    The first No. 1 by the hard-rock supergroup featuring Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell and three-fourths of Rage Against the Machine (including ace-in-the-hole Tom Morello) sounds a lot like, yep, Rage Against the Machine fronted by the Soundgarden dude.

  • A Perfect Circle, 'Weak and Powerless'

    A Perfect Circle, the side project led by Tool frontman Maynard Keenan, could be just as tricky, complicated and cold as Tool. But they managed something Tool never could: a No. 1 modern-rock hit. 'Weak and Powerless' stayed there for two weeks.

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