The new black-and-white Burberry Tailoring commercial features a vibrant, piano-based Britpop song. Is it a track from Coldplay, Keane, or Doves, perhaps?

The ad actually uses 'Burning Benches,' a song by Morning Runner from that group's only full-length album, 2006's 'Wilderness is Paradise Now.'

The extended spot runs 1:42 and is designed to show off the rich history of the British luxury clothing brand. Vintage footage of garments being folded and stitched is matched with new slow-motion shots of fabric cutting, button sewing, and even images from the skyline and streets of London.

More than a minute of 'Burning Benches' is played during the video sequence, taking the song from the piano intro to its guitar-laden hook. The song was the band's biggest hit, reaching No. 19 in the U.K. Morning Runner never did record a second album, citing excessive pressure from their record company that ruined the recording process.

"The first record was a relative commercial failure and heaped pressure on us to have a follow up hit record," they wrote in an online post announcing their breakup. "We tried to ignore this and write the songs that we wanted. However, having been encouraged by the label to go away and experiment, they made a U-turn and decided that the music wasn't commercially viable."

At least one of their songs continues to live on. Check out the commercial below in its entirety.

Watch Morning Runner's 'Burning Benches' in the 2012 Burberry Tailoring Commercial