A new Taco Bell commercial — not the one about the absurdly awesome Dorito Loco Taco, but the one in which a guy empties his pockets in order to find a packet of Taco Bell sauce — features a track from a Naples, Florida, band who describe their sound as "beach punk."

The ad follows a man as he comes home in the wee hours of the morning. He starts rifling through his pockets in search of something. Out comes the wallet and cell phone, and then broken sunglasses and a concert ticket stub.

During his silent search, viewers hear the distorted falsetto vocal of the Fake Problems song '5678' and its quirky lyric, "5-6-7-8 / God is good, but I am great /  I am delusional / I am rock 'n' roll."

Finally, the dude finds an item that makes him smile — a packet of Taco Bell Fire sauce that reads, "That was fun. Live mas."

'5678' appears on the Fake Problems album 'Real Ghosts Caught on Tape.' The band was recently nominated for the 2012 mtvU Breaking Woodie Award, given to the best emerging artist on college campuses. Fake Problems were in some good company with fellow nominees Tune-Yards, Cults and Cloud Nothings, but rapper Machine Gun Kelly claimed the trophy.

Watch Fake Problems' '5678' in the Taco Bell Commercial