With 2017 already in full swing, we thought we'd better look ahead to see what you can expect from your favorite artists, from Arcade Fire to Wilco, with a glimpse into what Diffuser will be covering in the new year. Alternative music must-knows can be found here, in our preview of some of the most anticipated (and hoped for) albums, EPs, events and more of 2017.

There's a lot on the horizon for the 12 months ahead, but what can we count on, and what should send us reaching for our Magic 8-Ball? We can tell you've got questions ... So many questions.

With singles already circulating, will Beck and Ryan Adams, respectively, fulfill their promises of new albums?
Do the brothers Gallagher finally have an Oasis reunion up their sleeves? If not, what are they up to?
Is Depeche Mode still making new music?
Is it really possible that there's a new offering from the Smiths waiting in the wings?
When can we expect a new Arcade Fire album?
What of U2's long awaited follow-up to Songs of Innocence?
In addition to their forthcoming North American tour, does Coldplay have any new releases cued up for the new year?
Are side projects responsible for the hold up of a new Soundgarden offering?

Who’s on tour, and where? Who’s playing festivals, and which? What’s being reissued, and why? And finally, for the love of God, does Wayne Coyne finally have Miley Cyrus out of his system? Commence your clicking on this slideshow round-up for a helping of what can be expected from your favorites in 2017.

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