When the alternative revolution of the early ‘90s happened, the sub-genre that ushered it in was given the name of “grunge” due to its thick, sludgy sound. the following list of the 25 Most Influential Grunge Albums takes into consideration not just the ones that millions bought, but also those from the late ‘80s that helped pave the way for its success.

Even though nearly every alternative act of the day, especially those from Seattle, were all lumped together as grunge bands, the truth is that they each had their own style and sound. But at their core was some mixture of ‘70s hard rock and ‘80s punk, two genres that been at odds with each other and had different legions of fans. In other words, grunge made it safe for people to like both Black Sabbath and the Replacements, who, by the way, liked Black Sabbath.

Its two biggest bands, Nirvana and Pearl Jam, served the same roles in the grunge movement as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones did during the British Invasion. One made the immediate impact but burned out quickly with a member still going strong (and coincidentally Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney have worked together), while the other has stayed together throughout the years.

But, as with any movement, grunge was more than just those two chart-topping acts. There were plenty of one-off side projects, acts that never gained much fame and singles compilations by bands that even fans of the genre might not have heard of. Keep scrolling to learn more about the 25 Most Influential Grunge Albums.

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