If you need an anthem to your next hedonistic night out, look no further than 7Horse's 'Low Fuel Drug Run.'

The band's first single catches their essence: seedy, sexy and substance-fueled rock n' roll. Guitars, heavy cymbals and harmonicas drive 'Low Fuel Drug Run,' providing an accompaniment to the boozy lyrics and somewhat deliberately muffled vocals.

Who are 7Horse? The duo has a surprisingly rich history, both separately and together. Joie Calio and Phil Leavitt were both members of the trio dada, who had a Top 5 modern-rock hit in the '90s with 'Dizz Knee Land.' Both Calio and Leavitt were also involved in other projects -- Leavitt was even a member of Blue Man Group. Some substances provided new inspiration to the pair, leading to a marathon writing and recording session for 'Let the 7Horse Run.'

So what's the story behind the first single? "'Low Fuel Drug Run' refers to a harrowing ride across the California desert to return a rental car on time," Leavitt tells Diffuser.fm. "It was an overnight trip ... we had to stay awake somehow. Met some nice girls during the ride. Wrote the song in a single burst, right before we recorded it." The song's refrain, "Six bottles of whiskey and a bottle of wine," makes that sound like a pretty dangerous, if fun, trip. Check out the uncensored, album version of 'Low Fuel Drug Run' available as a free download in its entirety below.
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