For having roots so firmly planted in the "emo" (don't you just hate that word?) and pop-punk sound of the early 2000s, Act As If mastermind Peter Verdell leans much more toward radio-friendly indie pop than he does imitate the groups that he helped launch into successful careers during his time as A&R at Drive-Thru Records.

When Act As If surfaced in May 2010 with the LP 'There's a Light,' it was a simple one-man operation. The release of the full-length saw Verdell's romantic tenor gracing the soundtracks of various television shows and commercials, and the album garnered mild critical acclaim. Soon after, he turned the project into a full band by adding Diego de la Rosa (drums), J. David Carrera (guitar) and Sara Lindsay (keys, vocals). Now armed with a brand-new EP and a gem of a first single, the group is poised to win the hearts of Phoenix and Fray fans everywhere.

"'Oh My My' is a song about falling in love at first sight, in an almost cinematic way where time slows down, vision is tunneled, and the rest of reality doesn't seem to exist," Verdell tells "We wanted the music video for the song to portray this feeling, and I think we were successful. It's sort of a mini-fairytale."

You can get your copy of 'Oh My My' below.

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