Portland up-and-comers Aina Haina (pronounced like Eye-na High-na) began when Mike Ailes and Dylan Magierek were students at the University of Hawaii. When exactly that was, however, is difficult to pinpoint, as the duo is "notoriously evasive when discussing the band’s timeline."

'I Wouldn't Let Me In If I Were You,' the first single from the group's debut EP, is a an early-90's garage-rock throwback produced with a back-to-basics approach. The song, along with the rest of the self-titled release, was composed with nothing more than voices, guitar, a drum kit and a tasteful dash of tambourine.

When we checked in with Magierek about what inspired the track, he explained that the lyrics were penned "from the perspective of a missionary sent to convert the 'uncivilized' in the New World." Considering the title, it's an interesting, tongue-in-cheek song -- and a fine preview of 'Aina Haina,' which arrives Feb. 12 via Badman Recording Co.

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