With a new live album and home video on the way, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen showed up in an unlikely place to promote it. Or maybe he's just trying out for a new gig, since he's said the band won't be touring anymore.

Either way, Jourgensen stopped by El Paso's KVIA the other day to give a weather report. He also sat down for a chat and talked about his imminent move to Los Angeles from Texas, where he's owned a ranch and studio for the past several years

The weatherman gig was done as sort of a joke, with Jourgensen delivering a weather forecast for his new hometown of L.A. "So far, no mudslides, fires, locusts, traffic," he said. "Well, traffic jams we’ll have.” You can watch the video above; the interview is below.

Ministry have a new live record and home-video combo, 'Last Tangle in Paris: Live 2012,' coming out on July 8. And even though Jourgensen has claimed that he wouldn't be going on tour with the group anymore, it seems like he's already going back on his word.

On his Facebook page a couple weeks ago, he announced a series of shows focusing on the band's latest, and presumably final, album, 2013's 'From Beer to Eternity.' The record will be played in its entirety at each show, along with other songs.

Ministry guitarist Mike Scaccia collapsed onstage at show in Texas in late 2012 and died shortly afterward. Jourgensen vowed to never record another album under the Ministry name after 'From Beer to Eternity.' Then again, he also said he'd never tour Ministry again either. So we'll see.

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