All eyes will be on Cleveland next week as it hosts the Republican National Convention. On July 17, the night before it starts, Ministry will play the city's famed Agora Theatre and Ballroom, and Al Jourgensen, the group's founder, had a few choice words to say about the Republican Party and its presumptive nominee for President, real estate magnate/reality show host Donald Trump.

Calling Trump "brutally, psychologically flawed," Jourgensen told Cleveland Scene, "It’s amazing that the entire Republican platform is the worst thing that a working class person could want and yet we vote for them because they have figured out a way, the same way that the fascist parties in World War II era preyed on people’s fears which is exactly what Trump is doing. Blame your problems on someone else. 'This is why your life is bad' and 'You can be like me' if it wasn’t for all these immigrants and other people coming into the country. They prey on cultural issues and then they slip in other things that completely hurt the people while saying that they have our backs. The whole hypocrisy is so veneer-thin that a child could see through it, and I’ve often said that what scares me far worse than Trump is the Trump followers."

Ministry released three albums -- Houses of the Molé (2004), Rio Grande Blood (2006) and The Last Sucker (2007) -- about the presidency of George W. Bush, whom Jourgensen called a "dolt." But he's not planning to write anything about Trump because it's "low-hanging fruit." Instead, he continued, "I would rather sing about the sociological conditions that have gotten an entire country to vote for such a dolt. I’m not going to be bashing Trump. I’ll probably be bashing his supporters in the lyrics to the next Ministry album. It will be more so about that than Trump."

The group, who promise to participate in some of the protests that are being planned, aren't the only band looking to bring an anti-GOP message to Cleveland next week. Prophets of Rage, the group comprised of the instrumentalists from Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy's Chuck D and B-Real of Cypress Hill, have promised to "cause a ruckus. And we will be there on the streets, in the fields, and in the conscience."

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