Noteworthy Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. has also been a solo artist for some time now, releasing his last LP, ¿Cómo Te Llama?, all the way back in 2008. Its anticipated follow-up is finally here in 2015, and the singer-songwriter has released its glamorous pop rock single, "Losing Touch," which you can listen to above.

The track possesses a very pop-inspired chorus with typical electrifying AHJ guitar fanfare to complement, with a rocking guitar solo to boot. It's about as polar opposite as you can get from his bandmate Julian Casablancas' noise-rock solo work with the Voidz.

"Losing Touch" is the second single that has been released, the first of which was lead single "Born Slippy." The upcoming LP, titled Momentary Masters, is due out on July 31 via Vagrant Records, and you can currently pre-order it via the label's website.

Over the weekend, the Strokes made their triumphant return to the European festival circuit at Primavera Sound; you can watch their full performance here.