The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. shared "Losing Touch," a single from his upcoming solo album, Momentary Masters, earlier this month, and today (June 23) he shared a video of him performing the song live in studio. Watch it below via Noisey.

Hammond also talked about the differences between working on a solo album and a Strokes record, saying:

It’s a different end product because you have different people you’re bouncing ideas off of. But it’s not so different in the writing process cause because the writing process is a little bit every day, and you don’t know where things are gonna go. After I did that second record in 2008, I got really f---ed up. I went to rehab, then I probably didn’t write a song for a good year or more. Then the first song I wrote when I got back was 'One Way Trigger.' But I always feel shy with songs, regardless the band. This AHJ band, I still feel shy coming in.

It was also announced that Hammond will be performing during the third day of Lollapalooza, on Aug. 2. He'll be pretty busy with shows for the rest of 2015, so check out his complete tour dates at his website. Momentary Masters, Hammond's third solo album and first since 2008, will be released on July 31 via Vagrant Records.

Albert Hammond Jr. – "Losing Touch" (Oneway Studio Sessions)