In the 21st century, It's not uncommon to come across a record that cost millions and millions of dollars to create. Then again, these days, a band can make an album for next to nothing -- all you need is a computer, a couple of microphones and a pair of headphones (instruments optional).

But it wasn't always that easy. Before GarageBand and home studios revolutionized recording, cutting an album could cost more than buying a new car -- and there weren't many up-and-coming bands buying new cars. So what do you do? You work with what you got.

In the photo gallery above, we've pinpointed seven albums that were all recorded for less than a grand -- some, way less than a grand. And not only did they come in at under a thousand bucks, but they're actually worth listening to!

What's your favorite low-budget album? If we left any cheaply recorded LPs off the list, hit us up in the comments section below!

Oh, and while you're learning new things about inexpensive records, make sure you test your knowledge on all things Nirvana in the video below:

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