The press release announcing Alicia Keys' new album 'Girl on Fire' hinted at a new sound for the Grammy-winning artist -- one she's exploring via a collaboration with producer and recording artist Jamie Smith of the xx.

As notes, Smith has built quite a side career for himself apart from the band, producing tracks for artists as varied as Drake and Gil Scott-Heron, and now he's reportedly helping Keys chart the musical path for her follow-up to 2009's 'The Element of Freedom.'

We don't have a clear idea of exactly how much of the album Smith will be featured on, but in her press release, Keys promised the new songs would include "heavy drums, electric sounds, reggae and future soul," which jibes perfectly with Smith's restless artistic pursuits.

"'Girl on Fire' is about finding your voice, about being unleashed and about trusting your instincts and trusting yourself," explained Keys. "I can't wait to share it with the world."

She's already started sharing the new album with a lyric video for the track 'New Day,' embedded below. What are you hoping to hear from the Keys/xx collaboration?

Watch the Alicia Keys 'New Day' Lyric Video