Chicago-based punk rockers Alkaline Trio have just unveiled the video for ‘I Wanna Be a Warhol,’ featuring actress Milla Jovovich. The tune is the lead single from their forthcoming album ‘My Shame Is True,’ set to drop on April 2 via Heart & Skull.

"What started out as a quickly scribbled idea in the middle of the night became what we now have,” frontman Matt Skiba said in a press release about the cilp. “I miss the videos that are short films, back when MTV played videos all day. That's what I wanted to accomplish when I wrote this thing that night -- to bring the story back to the video. We're very proud and I can't thank Milla enough for coming to set that day along with everyone who worked so tirelessly and passionately on this thing."

Director Rob Soucy explained that it explores the darker side of sexuality and fanaticism. “Matt and I worked very closely on the concept of the video and came to the agreement that we wanted to make the choice of having a slowly paced narrative video, almost like a short film," he said.

Alkaline Trio plan to hit the road alongside Off With Their Heads and Bayside for a lengthy U.S. tour that kicks off on April 25 in Santa Ana, Calif., and wraps up on June 11 in West Hollywood. Check out their official website for the full itinerary.