Nashville psych rock band All Them Witches are working on their third album, and unlike their sophomore effort, 2014's Lightning at the Door, it will not be self-released: It was announced this week that the band has signed with New West Records and will release their next disc in the fall.

The band is also about to add another noteworthy item to their resume: All Them Witches will be making their Bonnaroo debut with a performance at midnight on Saturday, June 13.

New West Records seems pumped to have the group on board, according to label president John Allen, who said in a press release, "When I first saw All Them Witches live, I was immediately struck by their creativity and raw energy as a rock band. If there's one defining factor of all New West artists, it's that they all know who exactly they are and there's immense gravity in that. We are very excited to be part of All Them Witches' epic vision and believe their potential is limitless."

Newcomers looking to hop on the All Them Witches bandwagon will notice that we've been on it for some time now: We premiered the video for their song "When God Comes Back" in September 2014, and we also got great exclusive footage of the band performing an acoustic version of "Mountain" in their van last summer, which you can watch below:

Congrats to All Them Witches and New West Records! We can't wait to see (and hear) what the future holds.

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