While some bands might use their touring vans merely for transportation purposes, Nashville's self-proclaimed "psychedelta blues" act All Them Witches recently turned theirs into a complete performance space.

While parked on Essex Street in New York City's Lower East Side, All Them Witches opened their doors to Diffuser -- their van doors, to be specific -- for an exclusive performance of 'Mountain.' Check it out in the video above.

All Them Witches
Chuck Armstrong, Diffuser.fm

All Them Witches found themselves in New York for a gig at Mercury Lounge alongside Rochester's heavy psychedelic rock outfit, King Buffalo, last week (Aug. 21). Not only was this the first time the band filmed a video while playing in their van, it was the first time they played 'Mountain' acoustically -- and the first time keyboardist Allan Van Cleave played a violin part to the tune.

'Mountain' is from All Them Witches' second full-length, 'Lightning at the Door.' The record was initially released in 2013 but the band is gearing up for a very special re-release on Sept. 16. This re-release will be available digitally, on CD and pressed on vinyl. Get the details on the band's Facebook page here.

All Them Witches are on the road through the beginning of November. Get their full show itinerary here.

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