Amateur Blonde is the New York-based outlet of singer-songwriter Ryan O'Toole. Emerging this year as a gem of what remains of New York's local live music scene, Amateur Blonde's live setup consists of a wide palate of instruments, including piano and a slide guitar. The spectrum of sound comes across on Amateur Blonde's self-released, self-titled debut -- today we get a sample on the track 'Sobriquet.'

As the album opener, 'Sobriquet' is an instant charmer, with a verse that starts off reminding one a little of Spencer Krug backed by a lush arrangement. It unspools into a rocking chorus with some gnarly guitar sounds harkening back to 'The Bends.'

''Sobriquet' was written in one sitting," O'Toole tells, "and recorded on April Fools' Day (2012) with a drummer I’d never met (and now love), Brendt Cole. Anthony Rizzo of ‘Little Embers’ plays lead guitar."

O'Toole says Amateur Blonde often 'sways between ‘the beautifully tranquil’ and ‘the wild rock-out,'’ and both sides of that polarity are represented well here in just over three minutes on the album opener. Check out the full 'Amateur Blonde' record on Bandcamp, and download 'Sobriquet' for free below.

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