Amateur Blonde is the brainchild of New York singer-songwriter Ryan O'Toole. Fleshed out by a wide cast of players, including O'Toole's brother Matthew, the self-titled debut is awash in a diverse spectrum on instrumentation and sophisticated arrangements. Today, we get as a free download the pensive piano-driven track 'Waiting Place.'

The sounds on 'Amateur Blonde' range from jangly guitars that recall Radiohead circa 'The Bends' to lighter touches of acoustics and piano. 'Waiting Place' recalls 'Sea Change'-era Beck, with a slightly psychedelic chord modality thrown in for good measure. Describing the song's genesis, O'Toole tells, "Jeff Gretz, of the band Emanuel and the Fear (NYC) helped out by recording the drums for this track. Philip Sterk played the pedal steel in Brooklyn, N.Y. My brother Matthew O’Toole played the Dobro during the breakdown. The remaining tracks were recorded in my parents' living room in Phoenix, Ariz."


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