With its built-in light feature, the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite makes reading fun and easy, no matter where you are. So says a new ad that portrays people enjoying the versatile portable device at the pool, in bed and by the beach at sunset. The music featured in the commercial is ‘An Argument With Myself’ by Jens Lekman.

It serves as the title track from an EP the Swedish singer released in 2011. The five-song disc was mostly well-received by critics, and Pitchfork called the tune “a sparkling Afro-Caribbean whirl that sounds like a 21st-century European's answer to ‘Graceland.’” The reviewer went on to describe 'An Argument With Myself' as being filled with “elliptically conversational lyrics” that depict “the existential undertow of Lekman's self-interrogation while wandering through Melbourne, his new home.”

Following the release of the EP came a full-length album, ‘I Know What Love Isn’t,’ which dropped last September via Secretly Canadian. Click here to read Diffuser.fm’s opinion of the record.

Lekman played a series of Australian shows earlier this month and is scheduled to perform at Billboard Live in Tokyo on April 22. Check out his official website for more details.

Hear Jens Lekman’s ‘An Argument With Myself’ in the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Commercial