To kick off the new year, Wichita Falls' premier country radio station, 102.3 Blake FM, shared an intimate video with American Aquarium frontman and chief songwriter BJ Barham.

Hanging out in the Blake studios, Barham, with only his acoustic guitar, performed the lead single and title track off his band's upcoming album, 'Wolves.' You can check out the heartfelt performance above.

"It's extremely personal," Barham recently told us about 'Wolves.' "Since I was 18 years old, I haven’t went a day without a drink, or six. Beer turned to liquor, a cocktail turned to drinks straight up, whiskey turned to cocaine, cocaine turned to anything that would keep me awake all day."

He goes on, "‘Wolves’ is about multiple things sinking their teeth into you and that is what all the hard living was doing to me. I realized that I needed to stop or things were not going to end well. So I did. No rehab. No meetings. Just looking myself in the eye every morning telling myself that I don’t need those things to make me function."

In addition to performing 'Wolves,' Barham and pedal steel guitarist Whit Wright sat in the studio and talked about their new song, 'Wichita Falls' -- because, you know, the band was in Wichita Falls:

'Wolves' is American Aquarium's eighth release since 2006 and will hit store shelves on Feb. 3. Get more details on the record here -- and in the meantime, compare Barham's stripped down solo rendition of 'Wolves' with the full band studio track below: