During their brief tenure as a band, American Football only released one album -- their 1999 eponymous debut (which was preceded by a self-titled EP the year before). But that may not remain the case for much longer.

Prior to their appearance at Reading Festival at the end of last month, the band told NME they have written a few new songs, and their renewed work could potentially lead to a long-awaited sophomore effort.

“We have written a couple new songs and we have plans to think about writing some more songs,” said frontman Mike Kinsella, who’s maintained a steady workload since American Football with his solo project Owen. “If the songs we write are good, there could be a new album in the pipeline.”

American Football broke up in 2000 shortly after the arrival of their debut. They reissued the LP last year, which was followed by a reunion tour. Kinsella added that the band is continually surprised by the warm reception they’ve received along the way.

“We were very unaware that anyone gave a s--- about this band,” he said. “So it’s very shocking; it continues to shock everywhere we go, like, ‘Oh, there’s people here.’”

You can watch the band’s entire conversation with NME at the top of the page.